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I can't thank Parkview Care Rehabilitation Center enough. With all the special attention from the nurses the care was diligent, timely, efficient, and sincere. All very professional. Senior staff, social workers also rose to the occasion in the highest esteem. They took care of me when I could not take care of myself and looked out for my well-being. I was able to rest and concentrate on my recovery because they thought of everything. I really enjoyed working with the physical therapists. They were key and instrumental to my Rehabilitation after a very long intensive full-back surgery. Their knowledge and patience enabled me to further progress every day. And my room the hallways the entire place was constantly being clean I've never seen such a clean facility in my life. All of my needs were met what more is there to say and without me asking I was taken care of like a hotel guest. And I really enjoyed having a nutritionist work with my needs being on a special diet and allergic to some foods. Everybody was just so nice. I laughed and I even had fun even in a wheelchair. I even made some friends. I am walking and stronger thanks to their therapy and ultimate Care from Parkview.

- KS

I would 100% recommend Parkview Care and Rehabilitation Center! My uncle was here for a few months and raved about the level care he received. The staff was very attentive and professional and the administrator was on top of all the insurance details and made sure my uncle was happy throughout his stay. Every time we came to visit it was nice to see how clean the facility was and how friendly and accommodating the staff was to us as visitors. The only complaint he had was that he had to leave! Thank you for all the care you gave him! 

- Allison G.

I was at Parkview for just under three months in that time I met amazing people. Both staff and residents. Thanks to the wonderful physical and occupational therapist I was able to recover from a broken hip and pelvis. Not only that but the recreational staff made it a fun time too. I'm thankful for my time at Parkview. I would highly recommend this facility. 

- NC

I have been a resident in this facility for 17 years now. I am the president of the resident council. I take pride in this facility and all the hard-working employees in it. Being an amputee, the rehab and nursing team never fails me. My nurses Farah, Tiffany, and Barbara are amazing. The rehab team is exceptional. The recreation department runs great activities daily that entertain both younger and older adults and to top it off my favorite part of each day is meal time! Keep up the great work Parkview! 

- AW

My mom is 89 yrs old. Fell a couple of times and was in the hospital two times. Then we found Parkview Rehab in Massapequa. The administration dept was amazing in helping us get my mom settled in there. It’s been 3 weeks now and she is so healthy and strong. With the amazing staff the nurses the doctors. The social workers were all amazing in helping my mom get healthy. And because they were so wonderful there she is able to come home now. She even enjoyed the food and ice cream. Thank you all so very much for helping my mom. An at her age she’s starting a new life again. God Bless all.

- C. Smith

The staff at Parkview is amazing. I was there for 3 months for a broken hip and pelvis. The physical and occupational therapist helped me through every step of my recovery. The nurses and other staff members were attentive and made me feel at home. The recreational staff made it a fun place to be. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of rehabilitation of any kind. I'm thankful to have been there.
- Nicole C. 

I just wanted to do a shout-out to Parkview Rehab Center. My mom has been there for three weeks due to a fall she had. And with the rehab and the wonderful care she got there she is doing amazing. It's neat and clean and my mom enjoyed the food and ice cream. She even gained a few pounds that she needed to gain. The Administration Dept is amazing. Thank you so very much to Rosemary for all your hard work and dedication. To a great rehab, my mom is doing great and ready to start a new life again. At the age of 89 years old. Also thank you to the amazing staff and the social workers and nurses and doctors who were hands-on every day and every night. God Bless you All and thank you so much.
- Carolyn P. 

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